Marcin Tomaszewski
ATomash studied Painting at the Nicolaus Copernicus University Faculty of Fine Arts in Torun.He graduated in 2006 with a university degree received fromthe NCU graduation studio run by Mieczyslaw Ziomek. His workshave been included in a few one-artist exhibitions in Bydgoszcz("Mozg" Club, 2003) and Torufl ("Stary Mlyn" Gallery, 2004;"Pod Aniolem" Club, 2005; "Omega" Gallery, 2006; and "DomMuz", 2007) as well as several collective exhibitions, including the Stabilo Company Competition exhibition (hodé 2005, honorary mention); "Hammen" Gallery (Hoganaas, Sweden,1998); Wroclaw Days Festival (2005); University of Gottingen(2006); and the Andriolli Drawing Contest exhibition(Naleczow/Lublin, 2006). His works can be found in private collections home and abroad.In his paintings man is treated as mere tissue, which has been shaped in the course of everlasting natural processes of evolution.This evolution seeks extension in the chemical and mechanical processes displayed by all kinds of machinery. (...) The artist has developed a very precise form of artistic expression. With their powerful dramatic effect and symbolism. "Only a few would be able to transfer a figment of theirimagination onto the canvass with that kind of precision,"says Prof. Ziomek from NCU.The expressiveness of Marcin Tomaszewski's paintings immediately arrests your attention. In his works he interweaves images of the imminent information and technological advancement with those of the beauty of human imperfection.He shows man just like he wants to be formed through technological intervention. Such is the key to those paintings which, simultaneously, warn us against seeking integration with the machine which first starts controlling our brain — only to move further and take over your body.
Tomasz Bielecki 2007