ATomash (Marcin Tomaszewski)
Tomaszewski's painting is based on various visions, irrational events, and dreams. His works align with the currents of surrealism and surrealism. The artist has developed his distinctive style, built upon his own unique imagery and visions of the world. His works are extraordinary, and it is interesting to note that they are technically well-executed. This showcases his great skill in easel painting techniques as well as his impeccable hand as a draftsman and illustrator. Marcin was born in Toruń, where he completed his secondary education and studied painting at Nicolaus Copernicus University under the guidance of Professor Mieczysław Ziomko. After earlier exhibitions in Poland and abroad, he deliberately withdrew into his own inner world, where he paints, sculpts, draws, and realizes his creative ideas away from the hustle and bustle of our civilization.
J. Stepien (June 2019)